ETH(N)OPOEIA, as a figure of speech, is putting oneself (one people) in the place of another, so as to better understand and express his/her feelings more vividly. By showing empathy with another person (people), at the same time one demonstrates integrity and builds mutual trust.

ETHNOPOEIA – International Festival of Ethno-Based High Fashion, initiated by fashion designer Veritza Planitch and her VERITZA Studio, is for the third time organized in Serbia in 2015, thanks to the good will and enthusiasm of ethno-based high fashion designers throughout Europe. All of them care for those precious differences, the very essence of ethno art, that many famous artists before them have interpreted and re-interpreted in their works. Is it too much to hope that ETHNOPOEIA in the years to come will tour different host countries, fostering links between tourism and creative industries, bringing together peoples throughout the World?