Zlatibor, the most visited center of mountain tourism in Serbia. It is well known summer and winter, as well as health resort. Today, during the peak holiday seasons, Zlatibor has about 25,000 people visiting per day. It has become a location of a great number of villas and houses, excellent hotels, restaurants, summer swimming pools and has a variety of оther content to show.

It has become trendy for both young and old people, to spend their holidays on Zlatibor: to escape from cities` rush hours and smog, to recharge batteries, try the best ham, cream cheese and a bun complete, to be seen and to see someone familiar.

This year, we are very pleased and proud to celebrate an exceptional anniversary - 120 years of organized tourism on mountain Zlatibor.


Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is the third largest city in South-eastern Europe after Istanbul and Athens.
It is the centre of the highest state and national institutions of culture and art in Serbia. It is Belgrade where the most significant works of architecture are located, with Kalemegdan accommodating Belgrade Fortress, cultural monuments, numerous archeological sites...

Today, Belgrade has more than 1,700,000 citizens today and is growing into a true metropolis. More than a quarter of the population of Serbia lives there today!

Belgrade is said to be the city of youth and the place where the best nightlife in Europe is happening.
Belgraders like everyone, so get to know Belgrade by getting to know Belgraders!